Internet videos

The Story Behind the Duck penis. 2017. Benito Gutierrez.

Minute Earth. Why bird penises are so weird. 2017.

Leo Grasset: What is the vagina for?

Carin Bondar. TED talk: The Birds and the Bees are just the beginning

Biologist with a twist: Carin Bondar. Wild sex: Power of the penis

True Fact Series: True Facts about Ducks

Science magazine XX Files. 2016. Amazing Science, Amazing Women: Animal Genitalia, Patty Brennan.

Carin Bondar. TED talk:  The birds and the bees are just the beginning.

Biologist with a twist: Wild sex. Power of the Penis:

True facts about ducks:

Sundance Channel: Green Porno by Isabella Roselini.



Globo TV: Interview on how economic crisis affects science funding.

MSNBC. Chris Hayes. The importance of basic science funding. Segment based on piece.

PBS Nature series show: Released in April 6th and 13th 2009. “What females want and males will do”.

Sleek Geeks, Australian television.

Radio Shows

Radio Lab: February 8/2019. The Beauty Puzzle.

The Academic Minute: Piece on Oddball science (Aired Nov 1st 2014).

NPR Take two.

Quirks and Quarks (Canada). Genitalia most fowl.

BBC radio: Up all night with Rod Sharpe. Afternoons with Courant McEnroe. May 2007. Maria Sanchez show.

 Newspapers and News websites

      Papers on defense of basic science:

The Pacific Standard: Ryan Jacobs: In defense of studying duck penises.

The Boston Globe: Carolyn Johnson: Researcher comes to the defense of basic science: curiosity.

The Daily Collegian:

The American Scholar: Josie Glausciuz. Strange Science and why we need it.

NPR blog: The secrets of the duck penis that politicians don't want you to know

Union of Concerned Scientists. The Equation: blog by Michael Halpern.

Washington Post. David A. Farenthld.

Press for paper on erection mechanism in ratites:

Nature News: “Ostrich penis clears up evolutionary mistery”

BBC: “Bloodless erections for big birds”

Discover Magazine:

New scientist: Mistery of the male ostrich erection solved. dn21287-mystery-of-the-male-ostrichs-erection-solved.html#.VCGv5kseVg0.

Birdchick Podcast:

Press for coevolution of duck genitalia:

BBC Earth: Twisted world of sexual organs.

Buzzfeed:  This is how ducks have sex and it is pretty incredible.

New York Times (2013) Carl Zimmer. The sex life of birds and why it is important.

Science News. Sexual conflict takes shape in ducks. Susan Milius.

Science Magazine: Duck penises size up the competition. Sarah Webb.

New York Times (2007) Carl Zimmer. “In ducks, war of the sexes plays out in the evolution of genitalia”. This was the top science news of the week, as well as the second most e-mailed article of the day in the NYT on May 1st.

The Guardian. Video reveals twists and turns of genital warfare in ducks. Dec 23 2009.

Nature news highlights, Dec 2009.

Science Online 2010.

Discover: Kinkiness beyond kinky. Carl Zimmer.

Wired. Female twisty tracks defend against screwy males. Susan Milus

Live Science. Jeanne Bryner. How an odd duck says no to sex.

Why evolution is true. Jerry Coyne. Duck penises and Sexual Selection

Science News daily.

Science daily. War between the sexes: The Coevolution of genitalia in waterfowl.

Also featured in news articles (The Economist, Philadelphia enquirer, Fox news, Google news Phys. Org and others), scientific magazines (Science et vie, Science now and others, BBC wildlife) and hundreds of blogs.

Scientific American. Clash of the duck genitalia.

Cosmos. Duck genitals locked into an arms race.

Some unexpected connections:

      Duck penises and shaving:

Duck penises and crowd funding science:

 Press for Tinamou egg predation paper:

Eggs with an “eat me” sign. New Scientist July 14 2010:

      Press for Garter snake sexual conflict paper:

Reptile romance a field of conflict. ABC Science. Nov 2013.


Textbooks and Popular Science Books featuring my research


The Tangled Bank. 2009. C. Zimmer.

Evolution: Making sense of life. 2012. C. Zimmer and D. Emlen.

Nature’s Nether regions, 2014. M. Schilthuizen.

Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior, 2013. P.B. Gray and J. R.Garcia.

Ten thousand birds, 2013. T. Birkhead, J. Wimpenny and R. Montgomerie.