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Vertebrate anatomy

Biology of social issues

Evolution and human sexual behavior

Writing in psychology: Evolution of human sexual behavior

This class help students learn how to write good papers in their discipline.  They write a descriptive paper, a popular press paper and an argument paper all on the topic of Human Sexual Behavior.  The class combines evolutionary topics with grammar tips and writing advice. There are multiple in class exercises, and writing skills exercises.

Oddball Science

This class aims to involve students in the discussion of the importance of science, particularly basic science, it discusses the current funding situation for science, and it gets students interested in a project where they can research a product or application and trace it back to its basic science roots. These projects are then send out as nominations to the Golden Goose Award given by AAAS to basic science projects with unforeseeable yet significant societal benefits

Evolutionary biology of sex

In this class we discuss everything from the evolution of sexual reproduction, sex determination mechanisms, endocrine regulation of sexual phenotypes, and behavioral, physiological and morphological consequences of sexual reproduction in a wide variety of organisms including humans.

Other classes

Animal Behavior

Field Methods in Avian Behavior

Grant Writing